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The Cabri G2’s three-blade main rotor system is a masterpiece of innovative design.

It is fully articulated, maintenance free and incredibly strong giving a unique combination of maneuverability and stability.

This helicopter can be flown safely in a wide flight envelope including strong winds and turbulence until now reserved for the best turbine helicopters. This design incorporating elastomeric bearing and dampening technology doesn’t suffer from low G, unlike two-blade semi rigid systems.


The Cabri G2 blades have very high inertia and have been designed and tested for no life limit.

Helicopters Guimbal have taken advantage of the latest turbine blade technology and the composite blades feature a level of damage tolerance never before achieved.


Bruno Guimbal was extensively involved with tail rotor design during his time with Eurocopter. Bruno and Eurocopter jointly hold several Fenestron tail rotor patents and this allows the Cabri G2 to utilse this advanced technology.

The Fenestron tail rotor allows the Cabri G2 to operate in confined spaces and in winds that would prohibit operation of other light helicopters.

The excellent maneuverability, smooth handling and low noise level characteristics of the Fenestron tail rotor and above all safety level it provides are major advances in this class of helicopter.

Other advantages include reduced FOD damage potential and the elimination of tail rotor vortex.


The Cabri G2 utilises the trusted Lycoming O360 engine however its installation incorporates several important innovations:

  • The engine is oriented correctly and installed at a convenient height to give easy access to routine maintenance items such as the oil filter. This saves costs on every maintenance event

  • A smart digital engine governor controls the engine

  • Solid-state, maintenance free electronic ignition gives greater reliability and smoother starting

  • Engine mounts incorporate advanced vibration isolation

  • The exhaust is discharged above the helicopter providing the quietest operation in its class and allowing it to land in long grass without the risk of fire


The all-composite fuselage of the Cabri G2 is exceptionally light, strong and corrosion proof. It is maintenance free and extremely resistant to accidental damage. If damaged it is easy to repair.

The pre-pregnated autoclave composite construction allows a level of precision in the fuselage manufacture that is unattainable with aluminum.


The heart of Cabri G2’s avionics suite is the EPM, a state of the art glass cockpit monitor, which displays helicopter and engine information in a form that is easy and intuitive to understand.

Amongst other functions the EPM monitors:

  • Current power setting and limitation.

  • Automatic carburetor heat

  • Chip detectors

  • Rotor and engine RPM

  • Fuel level and ‘time to stop’

  • Flight time, Hobbs time, flight log and sensor self-test history.

ADS-B in/out capable.

Certified GPS/Aspen.


The Cabri G2 has a 200-litre luggage compartment!

The compartment can be loaded externally but can also be accessed from inside the cabin. It can accommodate two airline cabin sized suitcases and more, including the helicopter handling wheels.

There is additional storage for soft items under the seats. If necessary, the passenger seat can be removed entirely.


The cabin is roomy and comfortable with its leather seats and outstanding ergonomics. The single piece formed aviation grade Plexiglass windshield provides great visibility and there is ample room for the pilot to operate while wearing a helmet. All controls have been designed to reduce pilot workload.

The Cabri G2 features the following innovations with the pilot in mind:

  • Tool less removal and installation of dual controls

  • Four-way trim system with controls for both pilots

  • Digital turbine-like engine governor

  • Automatic carburetor heat

  • Powerful rotor brake

And to increase pilot and passenger comfort:

  • Two power sockets

  • Storage for incidentals

  • Remotely lockable doors

  • Cockpit heating and defog

  • Pneumatic springs on cabin doors and engine cowling

  • Adjustable pedals


Various options are available to enhance the standard Cabri G2 configuration:

  • Avionics configuration

  • Moving map displays/GPS systems

  • Cargo hook

  • Pilot installable pop-out floats which cause no change in performance or flight envelope. They automatically deploy on water contact

  • Interior and exterior colours

  • Maintenance tooling packages

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